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Monday, November 12, 2007

Proud Pappa

Most fathers are proud of their children; at least I hope so. God has blessed me with four of the greatest children I could imagine. They are all four so different, so unique, and yet so much like me and Cheryl that we could never deny the relationship.

Forgive the mushiness; I just wanted to take time to brag about my kids. They all decided that it wasn't fair for dad to have all the net fun blogging, so we started a "family blog." So far, each of the girls has offered some of their poetry. Nathanael has added a few pictures he took. And as we go, even Mom and the little guy may have something to add.

So this is a shameless plug. Click here to go to our family site and enjoy the gifts God has given to our children.

And just as a side note (to make this seem like it's a theological article and not just parental pride), wouldn't it be nice if our Father could share this kind of pride in His children. That even though we are each unique, we are enough like Him that the relationship can't be denied. And that we are using our gifts in such a way to bring Him glory that He could say to the world: check them out; I'm pretty proud of them.

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