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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The New Look

I couldn't believe that I've been doing this silly thing for as long as I have. Readership picked up quite a bit during the Mike Huckabee presidential bid, drawing notice from illuminaries such as the New York Times and St. Louis Post Dispatch. Since then, things have calmed down. I'm just another small church pastor looking for an outlet for some thoughts now and then.

So, I figured maybe it was time for a little change. I've had the same template here since the beginning. Quite a feat for a guy who likes to change furniture as often as I do. (It drives me crazy that my office is set up in such a way that limits the changes I can make).

Also, I love the lighthouse theme. Lighthouses are one of my "things." I have several in my office: portraits and paintings, wood carvings, little statuette types, and even a giant puzzle of a Thomas Kincaid that I put together and framed. I love the image of the minister as a lighthouse in this foggy world.

Anyway. For the one or two folks who do stop by here on a semi-regular basis, I thought I'd explain the new look. Maybe it will inspire me to do a little more serious thinking and blogging in the near future.


PFH said...

Hey Pastor Scott,

You were supposed to get back to us so we could have you guys over for dinner after you got back from your cousin's funeral... you're not still mourning are you?

Shelly is due in 7 days.


Applied Christianity said...

I didn't know that you supported Huckabee. I found you and started reading through Now I know another thing we have in common.

Scott said...

Dr. H,
Thanks for letting the whole blogosphere know what a lazy bum I am. I do hope we can get together soon, maybe after our little family conference/vacation.
We're praying for Shelly. Congrats in advance. Hope we can see the newest addition soon as well.

Scott said...

Mrs. AC,
The Parental Rights folks are doing a good work. I need to update some things, since it looks like an ammendment has been introduced.
And after looking at your blog recently, I see that in addition to PR and Huck, we are both 2nd Ammendment supporters. Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by.

Tim A. Blankenship said...

I like your new look. It has been a while since I dropped by.
I too am a supported of the 2nd Ammendment, and was thrilled to hear the Supreme Courts decision.
It is too bad Huckabee didn't get all the way.
Tim A. Blankenship