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Monday, May 18, 2009

Parental Rights/Homeschooling Notes

Here is a good news/bad news post. Actually, the bad news is a really a potentially bad news issue that we need to be watching closely. Let me start with that.

BAD NEWS – Parental Rights and Gun Control

I’ve been trying to let everyone I know about and the fight to introduce a Parental Rights Amendment. The issue has to do with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which may sound nice and noble, but essentially will rob parents of having any say in the raising of their own children. It will submit American parents to a global tribunal who will decide what best for our children. Check out for more info.

What I didn’t realize was the effect this UN “treaty” would have on gun ownership. You can read the whole article here, but the issue boils down to the fact that the leftist UN is very anti-gun, and sees gun ownership as a detriment to children in any and every home.

That’s right, you are harming your children simply by exercising your Constitutional right to bear arms. According to the article: “UNICEF, the official UN agency charged with the worldwide advancement of children’s rights, has published a four-color brochure entitled: ‘No Guns Please, We Are Children.’” Inside that brochure is the assertion that “Small arms and light weapons cause profound physical and emotional damage, particularly to children, and affect their welfare.”

The Parental Rights Amendment has been introduced into Congress, but there is also a push by many legislators to officially ratify the UN treaty. Make sure you contact your legislators regarding this threat to our parental rights and 2nd Amendment rights.

And now the GOOD NEWS from a note from Missouri Family Policy Council

Legislators Vote to Protect Homeschooling

“Members of the Missouri House voted overwhelmingly this past week to preserve the rights of home educators across the state. Legislators voted to eliminate language in an education bill viewed as a threat to the homeschool community. Advocates of home education argued that the language would require that high school-age home school students prove that they had sixteen credits toward high school graduation. Home school proponents claimed this could enpower the state education department to require compulsory school attendance for high school-age children. Representative Rodney Schad of Versailles sponsored the successful amendment to remove the objectionable language. Hundreds of homeschool parents and children converged on the Capitol last Thursday to voice their concerns about the language. While efforts were already underway to correct what was was generally viewed as an inadvertent impact on homeschooling, the home educators' rally certainly bolstered the efforts to rectify the issue. Kerry Messer, the lobbyist for Families for Home Education, played a leading role in preserving the independence of home school families.”

Thanks to Kerry, to Rep. Schad, and to those 2,000 homeschoolers who descended on the capital last week to voice their concern over this issue.

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