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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch What You Say (or Blog!)

Sometimes cyberspace can be very deceiving. It’s so easy to write and spout off about this or that subject without ever really thinking about the person on the other end; how it will sound to them, or even who they are.

I was reminded of that recently. From time to time my blog entries here are taken out of sermons; either one I preached the Sunday before, or sometimes from my study on the sermon for the Sunday to come. I never stopped to think about our church folks actually getting the “repeats.”

I guess I knew some of our church members read this blog. Sadly, their lives are so void of any real excitement that they have nothing better to do but bore themselves even further with my ramblings (just kidding folks…about your boring lives, not my boring ramblings….anyway…) But I never really stopped and put two and two together and realize that there are actually church members reading this blog.

Last Sunday, a dear lady in our fellowship said to me before the evening service, “Well after reading your blog on Tuesday I can tell you’re going to step on my toes tonight.” She meant it in a positive and encouraging way (if stepping on toes can be such), but I was shocked. Again, I never put the faces to the readers on this space. It never really clicked before.

My first thought was, I guess I’d better start being more careful about what I say here, huh? Hopefully I’ve never printed anything that I would be ashamed of later. My mom even reads this (Hi, Mom!). But it reminds me that just as we need to “be careful little mouth what you say” we should also be careful, little blog, what you post.

Words are not meaningless. They mean things. They have impact, whether spoken or written. And once they are out there, it is very difficult to bring them back. I’ve read comment threads on controversial subjects and thought to myself, “that person would probably never say that in a face to face situation.” Again, we feel the anonymity of cyberspace. And that’s not good.

Jesus told us that “on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak.” (Matthew 12:36) Somehow, I think that just might apply to every word we blog as well. While blogging can be cathartic in letting me “vent” sometimes, I need to remember that people are still on the receiving end of that vent.

So here’s my goal. I will redouble my efforts to say things here that are worthwhile, that are Christ exalting, that I would say in person if I had the chance, and that I will be proud of in the coming years if I were to look back. I ask you to pray for me in that regard. Sola Deo Gloria.

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