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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moral Confusion and Correction

OK, folks, I’m completely confused. People want legislators to normalize the immorality of homosexuality by legalizing gay marriage; but we’re offended by a governor who has an affair with the house maid. We don’t have problems with pornography, but if a politician takes pornographic pictures of himself, we cry for his resignation. Late night hosts rant and rail and ridicule about the immoral acts of these elected officials, but then their guests of honor for the night live the most ungodly lifestyles imaginable, and they are hailed as heroes.

Is it any wonder I’m confused? Is it any wonder so much of the nation is confused? Is it any wonder that more people are concerned about who wins American Idol than who wins the next presidential election. We have this very strange and confused moral compass in this nation.

Of course, the liberals don’t see the double standard, or at least they ignore it. They fail to see the glaring problem with trying their best to do away with God, Christianity and the Bible in the public square; and yet trying to claim some sort of moral standard (at least for politicians), and acting all shocked when people behave immorally.

And the question is: what then defines morality? If we toss out the Bible and its moral code, then what grounds do we have for most of our “moral” laws? Why is murder even wrong? What about theft? Aren’t those part of the Ten Commandments we want removed so badly? If it’s all about self, and what makes self happy, then if killing those who are infringing on my happiness makes me happy, it should be allowed. Isn’t that the logical conclusion of the current way of thinking?

I know this is nothing new, and I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. I’m just confused and frustrated. I watch the news and see the anchors shake their heads at the moral lapses of this or that person (which we should do, by the way), and then glowingly brag about the this or that media darling’s latest escapade; completely ignoring said celebrity’s own moral lack. I mean, how can the same media trash Congressman Weiner and then idolize Lady Gaga and her song “Born This Way?” What a confusing message to our kids.

Of course, Lady Gaga has it right. As much as truly moral people might detest her over-sexualized image and crass songs, she’s absolutely right. We are born this way. That’s the whole problem. We are born into sin, and our sin nature will lead us into nothing but more sin and rebellion against God and His Word. In all honesty, the philandering politician can use the same excuse and sing the same anthem: I was born this way. Instead of resigning, if we were honest and consistent, the next national figure caught with his pants down should just be allowed to say: Hey, I was born this way. If it works for one set of immoral behavior, it should work for all.

Unless we see that being born this way isn’t an excuse, it’s a condemnation. Being born into sin isn’t a laughing matter; it isn’t an free pass to do whatever we want whether it’s shooting people or pathetic pictures. Being born this way is an indictment against our very souls and understanding that should point us to our desperate need to be born again.

Whether the world likes to hear it or not, the only answer for any of these things is Jesus Christ. Only through faith in Christ and His finished work on the cross, only through the regeneration of our heart wrought by the Holy Spirit, can we hope to have our moral compass set straight, as well as our life’s compass in general.

But don’t expect folks to see the truth of that any time soon. Our sin blinded eyes will continue to make us think that we can laugh about sin on one hand, and try to act like we’re offended by it on the other. Only God can change the heart to see differently. And apart from a radical outpouring of His Spirit in genuine revival, that won’ happen.

So what’s the point? Simply this. Instead of spending time “tsking” at this or that sin, let’s try praying fervently for revival and get busy sharing the gospel. Instead of our churches trying to woo the culture by being like the culture and entertaining the culture, let’s try living like Christ and calling people to a Kingdom culture. Instead of continuing to imitate the world’s double standard on these things, let’s start promoting holiness and righteousness within the church, as well as condemning immorality outside our walls. Instead of just trying to command God to “bless America,” let’s try to be a blessing to America by pointing them to Christ and praying people will find in Him the only true source of blessing.

Ultimately, let’s pray God does a work in all of our hearts to give us a true passion for holiness and His glory in all things, so that we see all sin (and I mean all sin) for what it actually is: an affront to our holy God. May we grieve over our own sin, may we live in repentance, may we live with a moral consistency, and may God use us then as a witness to others to do the same.

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