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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creation vs. Evolution: Does it Matter?

Our church is hosting Vacation Bible School this week and we chose to use material from Answers in Genesis, called Gold Rush. We also have chosen to offer a course for older youth and adults, also from Answers in Genesis. It's a series of lectures by Ken Ham called Answers Academy.

What's the point? Actually, that question is the point. So many in the church today do not see that what we think about the creation vs. evolution debate is absolutely crucial to everything else we believe about God, the Bible, Sin and Salvation, etc. The book of Genesis is foundational to all that we believe, and if we throw out the first 11 chapters, we lose everything!

One's worldview answers three questions: Where did we come from? What went wrong? How can we fix it? The Bible answers these with: Creation, Fall, Redemption. If you don't star with Creation, you don't rightly see the Fall and Redemption. It's that simple. This is crucial, foundational stuff.

If you're interested, here is part one of a series from AiG on the issue "Why Does it Matter?" I tried to copy the "code" and embed the video here, but after several attempts with error messages, I gave up, so I'll just encourage you to follow the link. Enjoy. (The link for some reason will say part four, but it is part one; don't ask me why)

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