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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homeschooler Moment #7

Last Tuesday night, we were given some tickets to the Springfield Cardinal game, where our youngest caught a foul ball with his face (you can read about the whole night here).

He was fine, and was first in line to "run the bases" after the game. While standing there waiting, he was showing off his swelling face to the stadium worker who was organizing the base running. The guy, trying to make him feel better, said, "Oh, the girls at school will love it!"

Kenaniah, who's 7, without explaining that he was homeschooled, just gave the guy a funny look and said, "The only girl at our school is my sister!" It was the stadium worker's turn to give a funny look, until we explained that we homeschool.

It's priceless the way our kids just see homeschooling as a normal part of life; shaking their heads at the "odd" things other people talk about!

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Applied Christianity said...

That is pretty funny. Thanks for sharing.