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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homeschooler Moment #10

If you haven't learned this by now, you should.  To some degree, all students are homeschooled.  That is, they learn at home for good or ill.  They learn from the actions of their parents, the words of their parents, the ideals that are held (or not held) in the home, etc.  They are learning many lessons, and not just about text books.

If you doubt me, just consider this.  It's no secret that living in Missouri we are pretty fond of Missouri sports teams, mostly St. Louis (ie. Cardinals, Rams, Blues), but also somewhat Kansas City (Royals, Chiefs).   Now, if you are a real fan, then you dislike the "rival" as much as you like your team.  In other words, all my children learned very early that if they ever rooted for the Cubs, they would have to move out (just kidding, folks, no need to call Social Services).

This is also true in the college realm.  As relatively big Mizzou Tiger fans, we "dislike" those teams from nearby states (Jayhawks, Razorbacks, etc.).  Honestly, we joke around about this kind of stuff, but nobody really takes it seriously.  At least I didn't think so; until recently.

We went to visit our oldest at her college (Go Bobcats!), and over dinner she told us about being invited to a couple of weddings.  She said they were both in Arkansas.  At this point, the seven-year-old interrupts and says, "If you go to Arkansas, you'd better beware."  We giggle, but he's serious.  "Beware of what?"  He leans over the table, and in a loud conspiratorial whisper he says, "Razorback fans!"  Of course, we all break out laughing, but he looks stunned.  He's totally serious!

So Dad learned a lesson that day as well.  The kids are listening and watching even when we don't realize it.  They are picking up lessons about life, faith, and yes, even sports loyalties, from our actions and attitudes every day.  I guess I need to be more careful.  But then again, maybe you do need to beware of Razorback fans!  (with apologies to Pastor Scott Lee)

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