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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homeschooler Moment #13

Last night the youngest asked if he could do a little “concert” for us.  Being a lover of music, I enthusiastically said yes.  He returned in a few moments with the insert to a kid’s worship cd and his instrument:  a paper towel roll.  He then “played” one of the songs, moving his fingers on the roll, intently watching the “music” in front of him, while he hummed through the roll.

We all watched as straight faced as possible until he was done and asked if we knew which song he had played (it was Amazing Grace, a fairly easy tune to recognize, thankfully).  We all started laughing as he then asked if we wanted another song.  This time, the laughter was harder to control, even for the performer.  He had to stop and “compose” himself a couple times.(His "composure" gestures just made the laughter increase, unfortunately).

Then, we decided to make this our family worship for the evening.  Each member of the family “played” one song from the music sheet, while others sang along.  Granted, the older ones took a little more convincing, but they eventually played along.

The comment was made that is was a little unusual for family worship, but I reminded them that the night before the message at church (preached by yours truly) had pointed out our need to praise God every day, to look for ways each and every day to praise Him, to praise Him for all things…and that includes paper towel roll songs. Ahh, the teaching moments at home. 

How will you praise Him today?

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