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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Give the GOP What They Want...Leave!

How much longer will it take?  How much longer will godly, conservative voters in this nation fail to realize that the GOP is not your party?  They do not represent your values.  They do not represent your goals for this nation.  They have long ago abandoned you and have become more and more bold about thumbing their noses at you.  When will you wake up and see this??

My eyes were opened in the last presidential cycle when John McCain was virtually shoved down our throats.  The GOP machine did all it could to make McCain the nominee when true conservatives were available and doing well early on in the process.  But no, the GOP string pullers worked over time, telling us the we needed a more moderate candidate who would be more “electable.”  So, how’d that work out for ya? 

Now, four years later, it’s the same thing all over again.  The GOP puts up Mitt Romney, barely any different that the current president in so many ways, and again goes into overdrive to make sure he’s “the guy.”  It’s become so ugly, that this time they even changed the rules to be sure no dissenting voice was heard at the GOP convention.

Meanwhile, here in Missouri, a decent man and genuine small government conservative named Todd Akin makes one mistake (which he has sincerely apologized for) and of course the liberals start dragging him through the dirt.  We expect that.  But then, the national GOP shot callers again step in and begin meddling in our state’s business, calling for Akin to step down even though the majority of people in this state want him to be the nominee.  

Why did they do that?  Not because Rep. Akin is a horrible person.  Not even because he made a serious mistake (which it was; but who hasn’t made one of their own?).  No, it’s because he’s a genuine conservative with Christian values; one of those folks who are no longer welcome in the GOP camp.

Folks, when will you wake up and realize what’s going on?  I have said it over and over in conversations, in blog posts…if all good Christian conservatives would stop buying into the two-party only “electability” lie and would support a candidate and a party that truly represents our values, we could win in a landslide.  

I’m so sick and tired of true conservatives supporting people like Romney and McCain and others who don’t really represent us; just because they aren’t the Democrats.  Is that really reason enough to support someone?  Because they aren’t someone else?  Please!  Why not vote for someone for a change.  

Go to the Constitution Party website and read the party platform.  Compare what the CP candidates stand for to what Romney and the GOP have shoved at us.  Then go to the polls and stop voting against the other guy, and vote your conscience.  Face it, the GOP doesn’t want you, so why not give them what they want?


Gregg said...

Excellent post Scott. I could not have said this better. You are more than right and more people need to seriously read and understand what you said. Even if Romney can be elected, I don't believe we will see much difference in his four years than the last four years of Obama.

I will post this on FB because I tried to post it and the verification process would not approve it - I only try once now and then I say forget it.

Pat Donovan said...

I did that fir Ross Paroe., and Clinton got elected, so what im afraid of is for more of obama. Not all Christians are conservatives, and some are even extremely liberal, i don't believe we have the majority you speak of. In four years put a real christian conservative up and I'll be there.

Scott said...

Sorry you had problems, Gregg. I hate the verification thing, too, but I was getting a lot of spam comments awhile back and needed to do something.

Thanks for reposting on fb.

Scott said...

I know how you feel, Pat. But I'm just tired of voting against someone instead of for someone. I decided I need to vote my conscience so I can be satisfied with who I supported, not who I settled for. I still believe that if the majority of genuine Christian people in this nation voted this way, it would make a huge difference. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.