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Monday, December 10, 2012

As Doomsday Approaches

Of course everyone knows about the whole Mayan calendar thing. Their “Long Count” calendar ends on what we would call December 21, 2012, which means it’s the end of the world.  Up until now, I’ve never given it any real consideration. However, an article in yesterday’s USA Weekend insert in my newspaper has caused me to rethink it a bit.

The article is entitled: What, me worry? 6 other views of doomsday.  But it’s the subtitle that got my attention: “Scientists explain why the end of the world will NOT arrive in 2012.”  Uh-oh.  Anytime “scientists” state something with absolute confidence, I get nervous.  Mainly because they are often known for thumbing their noses at God, and we all know what that’ll get you.

According to one scientist the universe is guaranteed to go on for another billion years.  Of course, this coming from someone who thinks it’s already been here a billion years, so I don’t put too much stock in that.  
Gladly, the article does go on to de-bunk a bunch of those crazed end times scenarios folks are always screaming about:  giant asteroids, mysterious planets on a collision course, black holes swallowing us…well, whole.   I appreciate the sentiment of one physicist quoted as saying: “Crazy. People always worry about the wrong things.” 

Or maybe he meant to say “Crazy people always worry about the wrong things.”  We’ve certainly seen that in church circles as well, with all the end times novels being treated as theology textbooks, sparking all kinds of misinformation and misunderstandings about Scripture’s teaching on how the end will come.  But I digress…

The reason the article got my attention is simply because when scientists say it absolutely can’t happen, I start looking over my shoulder to see God coming with an “Oh, yeah?  Watch this.”  Not that God reacts to man’s arrogance with a any need to defend Himself.  But it does often happen that man is forced to eat his own words.  

So what to do now?  I don’t buy into the Mayan theory.  But I don’t put stock in the scientists absolute either.  What’s a guy to think?   How nice it was to come in this morning, thinking about this things, and seeing this post from our friend Jon Cardwell over at Justification by Grace.  I think it put it rather nicely, and hope he doesn’t mind my re-posting his thoughts here (head over here to read the original).

There are some things that you almost don’t need to say anything about– like the Mayan Calendar! Sakes! Even as I type these words, I really can’t believe that I’m addressing this.


Because the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, there are cuckoos out there whistling a very Beatles goo goo ga joob, “I Am the Walrus” kind of “the world’s going to end” mantra.

Do you honestly expect me to believe that a people who failed to extend their legacy, who could not propagate their own progeny because of human sacrifice, to the extent that there are no Mayans whatsoever today, are going to accurately predict the end of the world? There are no Mayans today. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Come on, people. There are no Mayans today and there are no Incas. There are no Edomites. There are no Amalakites…

…yet, a “civilization” that failed to make it into the last several hundred years is going to have a calendar that provides the key to the end of the world? I don’t think so.

They have already inaccurately predicted the end of the world because the world’s end came when logic flew out the window. Yes, that’s right. The world came to an end the moment that anyone took the Mayan calendar seriously for a second.

I for one, am enjoying the world’s end; and enjoying it so much so that I may have a cup of tea with my wife and laugh about something really believable: Barney Fife purchasing a septic tank for his parents’ wedding anniversary.

I think he’s got it right.  Let’s just enjoy it.  And let’s get on with life in the meantime.  As I said in a post about the whole Harold Camping fiasco, the book of Acts opens with an angel telling Christ’s disciples to stop looking to the heavens and get busy with what the master told us to do.  Jesus is coming back, the end is indeed coming, and we are to be watching for Him. But until then, stop worrying about when it will happen and get busy serving so we are found faithful when He does come. 

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