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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christ in the Passover - A Worship Experience

Last night we had a representative from Jews for Jesus come to our church and present "Christ in the Passover."  If you've never experienced this, or a presentation like this, I strongly urge you to have your church set one up as soon as possible. 

Several years ago we had a Jews for Jesus missionary come and do a presentation on the Feast of Tabernacles.  It was an amazing lesson in history, culture and faith.  We've also used the video version of Christ in the Passover for Maundy Thursday services in the past.  But having the presentation live is a huge blessing. 

Micha Cohen and his wife Leah, along with their two young daughters came and spent the evening with us.  After a fine meal together, we went back to the church for the presentation.  We had a wonderful crowd, pretty unusual for a Wednesday night.  And I'm sure everyone who came went away with a new appreciation for Passover and for God's grand design in Christ. 

Micha walked us through a traditional Passover Seder, describing all the elements and their meanings.  And at various points, he showed us how Christ can be seen in those elements, and how even some things that are done are a mystery unless you see Christ in them. 

As Christians, we know (or should know) the meaning of Passover and how it is fulfilled in Christ.  But as American Christians, non-Jewish Christians, the depth of that meaning can be lost on us.  This presentation is so beautiful and awe inspiring that, again, if you haven't hosted one I would strongly urge you to check into the possibility. 

I know this is nothing but a brief commercial for Jews for Jesus, but that's ok, too.  I appreciate their passion for making Messiah known to the Jewish people, as well as their goal to help Christians understand better our Jewish "heritage."  Check out their website. Consider hosting a presentation.  It will be worth it to you and your congregation. 

Here is a brief video testimony from Bro. Cohen, who is one of my new favorite people on the planet!

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