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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Supreme Court's Handslap - Will it be enough?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This little doosey has been making its way around the internet and it's truly filled with a myriad of meaning. 
This shot of the President reaching over the sneeze guard encapsulates his and his administration's basic approach to life:  "Boundaries are for other people, not me."  Time and again we have seen this administration over-reaching into nearly every area of public life.  One of the most well known recently came to a head with a decision handed down by the US Supreme Court. 

As you are well aware, the Obama Administration's Health Care Act demanded that all businesses provide contraceptives to their female employees at no cost to the employee.  Free birth control.  Even if the owners of the business found a moral/ethical/religious objection to such a practice.  Famously, Hobby Lobby, a privately owned business, challenged that little detail.  And thanks to the US Supreme Court, religious liberty has won a major victory.  Which brings to mind another fun little photo on the net. 
I wanted to post an insightful, wonderful response to that recent decision, but I'm not smart enough to read through all the legalize. Fortunately, folks like Al Mohler have given us a wonderful summary of this recent decision and the impact it will have on our nation.  He also points out some other interesting messages that come from this decision.  I encourage you to read that article

But here's the question I have.  While this little hand-slap-heard-round-the-world has sounded a great victory for religious freedom, is it enough?  Will the same arguments here about the religious liberties of privately held companies also apply to those photographers and bakers who are being forced by government courts to provide services for gay weddings which these businesses have moral/ethical/religious objections to?  Will this decision be enough to head off the impending forcing of churches to perform gay weddings which I recently wrote about?  

I guess it remains to be seen.  But at this point, there's almost enough room for real hope.  Though it was a truly divided court decision on this case, other issues (as Mohler points out) gave the administration a unanimous hand slap.  Reason for hope indeed.  Yet, I hope we don't use this as an excuse to let our guard down.  As the President has shown, he doesn't mind reaching over those guards, so we need to keep them up and remain vigilant. 

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