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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

As You Vote

Unless you just landed here from a distant planet, or just woke from a 20 year coma, then you are painfully aware that today is election day in these great United States.  This isn't another piece about the candidates, or the parties, or who you should vote for. If you really care what I think about that, you can read here.  This is just a simply reminder of a few things to remember as you go to exercise your right to vote today. 

1. This is an Amazing Opportunity.  As you walk around with your “I Voted” sticker on, stop and consider how many millions would give almost anything to have that cheap piece of paper.  Consider the thousands of men and women who have fought and died over the years to give us this remarkable freedom.  Consider the historical glory of having a peaceful transfer of power every four years, and that you and I have some say in that process.  We are indeed, so incredibly blessed.  Don't forget that.

2. This is an Amazing Responsibility.  As you step into that booth to exercise this remarkable freedom, remember that this is a grave thing indeed.  This isn't just about personalities and sound bites.  Too many Americans vote based on emotion rather than a serious look at policy and posterity.  What we do now will have lasting effects on our children and grandchildren.  Furthermore, as a Christian voter, you also have the responsibility to vote in such a way that honors your God and gives good testimony to His people.  Don't forget that.

3. This is Amazingly Unimportant.  Seems like I'm contradicting what I just said, but hear me out.  John MacArthur addressed his congregation on Sunday with an amazing reminder to not overestimate the significance of this election.  People are calling it “historic” and all, but in the overall scheme of God's grand design, this is relatively insignificant.  Like it or not, America is not the center of God's plan for the ages.  Jesus Christ is.  America is not the answer to the world's problems.  Jesus Christ is.  America is not where our hope lies.  Jesus Christ is.  As His people, we are to be more concerned about our true citizenship in heaven, about being the people of God following the will of God for the glory of God, than about presidents and princes who come and go like a “drop in a bucket” Scripture says.  So while this whole thing is a great joy and great duty, it's nothing compared to serving the great King of the universe and knowing that His plans will stand, His purposes will be fulfilled, and His people will be victorious.  Don't forget that.

Recently, there have been two fantastic songs released that reflect this last truth.  One is by Ross King and more recently one by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I'd encourage you to listen to both and remember the truth they speak as you vote today.

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