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Monday, January 27, 2020

Catching Up

In trying to get this thing going again, I had said that I was going to post on each Monday with a link to Sunday's message.  Obviously that hasn't been done lately.  But in my defense, it's not entirely my fault. 

We've had some issues with the Wordpress site where we host our church page and sermons.  I haven't been able to upload for well over a month.  That issue is now resolved and I'll try to get back to the Monday messages, as well as getting some other content going again.  (I know there are at least 2 people out there who care one way or the other.  Thanks, mom).

So, as a little catch up, here are links to the January messages (we missed one week due to weather)

200105a- The Son of God; Matthew 14:22-33

200119a- Seeking and Sharing Christ; Matthew 14:34-36

200126a- The Problem of the Heart; Matthew 15:1-20

Hopefully more to come...

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