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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Setting The Tone

I guess I ought to begin this process by setting the tone for everything else I'll do and say. The Word of God is central in my life and thought and it is my humble aim that everything will come from the perspective of what God says first, and my opinions secondary. Along those lines, here is a favorite quote from my favorite preacher:

“The gospel is God’s word, not man’s, the voice of your Maker, your Lord; the voice of infallible Truth, of infinite Love, of sovereign authority, and therefore no common attention should be bestowed upon--it. Listen to it devoutly, summoning all your powers to adoring attention. Angels veil their faces in Jehovah’s presence, and shall man trifle before him? When God speaks do not regard it as the voice of a king merely, to whose message it might be treason to turn a deaf ear, but as the voice of your God, towards whom it is blasphemy to be inattentive. Hear him earnestly, with anxiety to know the meaning of what he says, drinking in his doctrine, receiving with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save your soul, bowing your understanding to it, longing to comprehend it, desirous to be influenced by it.”
Charles Haddon Spurgeon in a sermon delivered March 1st, 1874

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