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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life and Politics: Update

As soon as I post and mention the National Right to Life endorsement of Fred Thompson, the news comes out that Thompson will drop out of the race. Here's hoping the leaders of the NRL will see the light and back Mike Huckabee.

Also, for a wonderful and detailed review of the entire Roe v. Wade case, check out Rod Albert's recent post on this issue.


Rod said...

I fear Huckabee won't be long in dropping out. I'm figuring Guiliani to come in 3rd in Florida and to drop out. And Huckabee will keep going through Super Tuesday and grind to a halt. Depending on how he does in Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi, he may be in a position to broker a deal (VP slot)between McCain & Romney as the tie breaker, depending on how their delegate counts look going into Minneapolis/St. Paul.

But do we want him to sell his soul, particularly to McCain who will need a "social conservative" worse than Romney?

But I'm figuring Romney to pull it out and ahead of McCain by significant numbers.

I know, I know, too much pessimistic doom. OK! Go Huckabee! Huckabee for President!

There just aren't enough of us, Scott.

scott said...

Where's the confidence, man?!

Unfortunately, you may be right. I've heard rumblings already of a "deal" for Huck to be VP. I pray it's not true. However, I'd rather see him with at least that much influence that a combo of the other three. We'll just keep praying, and hoping God doesn't follow pattern with the Israelites and give us the king we deserve!