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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For The Children-postscript

Lest anyone thinks I was being a bit radical or alarmist in my last post, consider the plight of the Long Family in California.

World Net Daily has reported that after homeschooling 6 of their 8 children, the government is now forcing them to enroll their youngest two in the very same California Public Schools that I referenced in that last post; you remember, the same schools that are more interested in protecting the perversity of their teachers than the future of their students.

So maybe I should amend my comments to say this: Get your children out of the government schools, AND if you live on the West Coast, get your family out of California altogether!


Anonymous said...

It might be helpful to mention that the Long family has been accused of sexual and physical misconduct. That charge should not be taken lightly...nor should the possibility that this partuicular family could be using homeschooling to hide illegal behavior.

scott said...

I obviously don't know the details of this case. But I do know that accusations are often made against homeschoolers by various opponents, including offended neighbors, upset family members, and witch hunting government employees.

That having been said, you are right in saying that it shouldn't be taken lightly. If there is merit to the accusation, then by all means, let's protect the children. But if that's the case, why is the judgment merely to enroll the children in government schools and not removing them all together. Seems if there is a legitimate concern, the latter would be the case. I pray the allegations you mentioned are not true. If they are, they need to be dealt with.

The point of all this is simply that California in particular has become increasingly anti-Christian and anti-homeschool. And for the state to say that the family's religious beliefs have no significant standing in the case is absolutely ridiculous. Try telling a Muslim family, or Jewish family that their faith has no standing. But we can do that to Christians.