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Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Kurt and the Cardinals

Well I’ve been sticking my foot in it with politics and religion and even book reviews, so I thought I’d try something a bit more benign: Football! More specifically, the upcoming Super Bowl.

I have to admit that I’m extremely biased on this issue. Having grown up in the St. Louis area, I sort of have a soft spot in my heart for the Cardinals. Even though I became an ardent Rams supporter when they came to town, I’ve always tried to keep half an eye on our old Redbirds. Part of that has to do with my penchant for cheering for underdogs (which is why I still root for the Rams!), but anyway.

I’m also partial to the Cardinals because of their quarterback. Most people are aware of Kurt Warner’s Christian testimony and his extensive off-the-field ministry endeavors (see here). I remember back when he was taking our Rams to the Super Bowl, it happened around the same time that Billy Graham came to St. Louis. He was invited to share his testimony, and we went that evening and enjoyed hearing from him.

I know that many are skeptical and even put off by the pro-athlete praising God for every victory thing. And we all know that claiming to be Christian doesn’t mean the guy is perfect. But in a day and age where most ball players are being arrested for assault, drug possession, shooting themselves in the leg and so on, it’s nice to have some guys out there that I feel safe having my boys look up to a bit. Of course, I admit that I might push it a little too much. Ask my four-year-old who his favorite quarterback is and he’ll immediately say: Kurt Warner! (actually, it sounds more like “Kort Worner” but we all know what he means).

Anyway, all this rambling is simply to say that I’m really pulling for the underdog again. Not because I think God’s on the Cardinals’ side or anything. There are some outstanding Christian men on the Steelers sideline as well. It’s just that soft spot thing. Our old team. Our old quarterback. And the chance to cement his Hall of Fame chances. Plus I’d just love to hear Warner shout over the loud speakers again at the end of the game: Thank You, Jesus! Corny as it may be, I just love it!

Go Cardinals!

Now, I just hope I don’t get a lot of hate mail from the Steeler fans out there!

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