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Monday, April 27, 2009

"Sound" Theology

I have what can only be called "eclectic" tastes in music. My favorites cover a wide range: Newsboys and Supertones, Pillar and Disciple, TobyMac and Tait, Ceili Rain and Eden's Bridge, Petra and Stryper, and a great "big band" called Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.

I've had a passing interest in rap and hiphop, but outside of DCTalk/TobyMac, never listened to it much. Until I found these guys.

A few years ago at a conference in St. Louis I met a young man named Marcus Gray, aka Flame. One listen to his lyrics and I was hooked. You can learn more sound doctrine from one of his songs than you can in many churches.

Regardless of how you feel about rap in general, any lover of sound doctrine will enjoy Flame's work.

Likewise, a friend (I assume) of Flame's is Lecrae. His latest project is likewise filled with sound meat for its content.

Just for fun I thought I'd share of couple video feeds on these guys. The one from Flame is not actually a "video" but the song with the lyrics scrolling across. This is good for those who have a hard time following it.

The second, from Lecrae, is an actual video to his song "Don't Waste Your Life", which I'm sure was inspired by the John Piper book.

Hope you enjoy. And praise God for "sound" theology!

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