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Thursday, December 3, 2009

It Will Cost You Everything

Last spring I was privileged to attend a conference at Rockport Baptist Church in Arnold, MO where my friend Scott Lee is pastor. One of the speakers that week was Tim Conway from Grace Community Church in San Antonio, TX. His ministry was a blessing.

Since then I’ve discovered one of the “side ministries” of Grace Community, a website called I’ll Be Honest. For the most part it’s a collection of video sermons and sermon “jams” from some excellent speakers.

Thought you might enjoy the latest from that site, from Steve Lawson. It’s worth your time.


Applied Christianity said...

Wow, that was good. It kind of goes with my Unity and Truth post from a couple of weeks ago; I doubt many churches would have the guts to preach that kind of a message. Thanks for posting it.

scott said...

Mrs. AP
Which is why so many churches are "popular." It's pretty easy to draw a crowd with a watered down gospel. A little harder when the true Gospel is preached with its full demand.