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Monday, August 16, 2010

Politics and Religion: a Monday Morning Rant

....Warning: Ranting Ahead....

No doubt you’ve read/heard this weekend about our President defending the “right” of Islamic terrorists building a monument to their terror tactics at the very site of said tactics. Of course, that’s not the language he used; he simply talked about the freedom to build a mosque. But do we not see the symbolism here?

Have we become so un-discerning that we fail to see that this isn’t just a freedom of religion issue. Certainly, because of the sacrifice of Christian men and women over the years, this nation is built on a foundation of religious freedom. But that’s not the issue. As one Washington post article made clear, “A mosque really seeking to build bridges…would accept the offer” made by New York’s mayor to help find another location for the mosque. But they aren’t interested in building bridges, promoting peace, or any other religious motivation. They want to build a monument to terror. And our President’s defense of this clearly shows that although he claims to be Christian, he is more of a friend to Islam than to Christianity, or even America. I know those are harsh sounding words. And I know that the office of President deserves respect whether the man holding the office is worthy of it or not. But I simply point out the facts.

The sad part is that even though the majority of Americans do not support the building of this mosque, our Muslim-friendly leaders will support it and continue to ignore the voice of the people (just as they did with the health care issue, the continued bailouts, the raising of taxes, etc.). And yet, so many Americans, the same ones who have just been dismissed by our leadership, will still sit back and simply say, “oh well.”

Folks, we need to wake up. America as we know it is under attack. Islam is not now, nor has it ever been, a “religion of peace.” History has proven that to be true time and time again. This is yet one more example. A peaceful religion would not seek to mock the deaths of thousands of Americans in this way. Furthermore, true American patriots would not support such attempts.

So what’s the point? I’m not sure. Maybe I just need to rant and vent a little. But there are several things we can do.

One, come November, we can show those who have been sitting back and ignoring the people of this nation, as well as ignoring this threat, that we’ve had enough. I would once again encourage folks to seriously look at Constitution Party candidates in your area. We simply cannot continue to support the status quo and expect any real change.

Two, please, please, PLEASE, get informed about Islam. Stop looking the other way. See this threat for what it is. Know that Islam considers America and Americans and Christians in general as “the enemy.” Get information from folks like Act for America; sign their petition against the Ground Zero mosque. Pay attention to those politicians who support these things and let them know, by letter, petition and votes, that we’ve had enough.

And three, get busy serving and praying. Only God can truly change any of this, and He can do it by changing hearts one at a time. Pray for our leaders; pray for genuine revival (as per my previous post), and continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, the only true answer to all of this.

….End of Rant…..

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