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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homeschooler Moment #9

OK, so this doesn't really have to do with homeschooling, I guess, but it's fun. And anyone who wants to rip me for my choice of movies, well, that's ok, too. Anyway...

So, the girls are at a sewing class and the boys want to watch a "guy movie," with stuff blowing up, etc. So we dig through the old VHS pile (yes, that's right, VHS) and we pull out an old Star Trek movie. The youngest is thrilled because it's only PG and mom might be OK with it.

We're moving along just fine, a little Sci-Fi violence in which pink Klingon blood is spilt, ships explode, etc. Nothing seems to be bothering the youngest. But then comes a scene is which an alien lady snuggles up to the hero and plants a big ol kiss right on his lips. (They're on an icy prison asteroid, so they're both wearing layers and layers of clothes. So it's not like that. Just a kiss).

The youngest groans loudly, hides his eyes, and says, "Eeewwhh, now I know why this is rated PG!" Go figure.

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Chaplain Crossfire said...

Now that's a funny story! :- )