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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Favorite Preachers - A Borrowed Idea

Jon Cardwell over at Justification by Grace has this wonderful post in which he lists some of his “favorite preachers.” He says:

Please understand that my use of the word “favorite” with regard to these men whom I have listed as my particular favorites, we should recognize that I use the word as it is broken down, favor-ite, he (or those) to which I favor; to whom God’s grace is extended toward through me— or, as Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines “favorite”—“Regarded with particular kindness, affection, esteem or preference.” In recognizing these preachers as my favorites, I am fulfilling my responsibility as a saved soul and a as brother in the body of Christ, as it is commanded us, “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another” (Romans 12:10).

He goes on to speak of several men who have been a blessing to him in the preaching of the Word. I’d encourage you to go over to his post and read the details and the list of men he mentions.

I thought this was a wonderful idea. So many times the spotlight shines on the “big” or at least “bigger” names. And I admit I love a lot of those guys. Names like Voddie Baucham, Art Azurdia, Paul Washer, R. C. Sproul, Ligon Duncan, Alistair Begg, John MacArthur….. you get the idea. I like to hear good preaching.

But I also should take time to remember those who have been a personal blessing to me as they faithfully preach the word. Because I know them, or at least have had a chance to view their lives somewhat, they have blessed me, challenged me, encouraged me, and I hope made me a better preacher/pastor as a result.

So in keeping with Pastor Cardwell’s theme I want to offer a public thank you to some of these faithful servants of God’s Word. Although as he says, these men would cringe at having their names listed like this, I want to thank them anyway. (listed alphabetically, although I admit Rod would be number one either way on my list)

Rodney Albert, faithful friend and pastor “on hiatus”

Joe Braden, St. Peters, Missouri

John Greever, Fenton, Missouri

Scott Lee, Arnold, Missouri

Greg Shackelford, Fordland, Missouri

Doug Shivers, Springfield, Missouri

There are many more, I suppose. But if I had to put together a “dream list” of guys to come preach a series of meetings together, this would be the first list to come to mind.

I would urge you again to go and read Jon Cardwell’s post, to get more context of why he posted this, etc. And I would encourage you as he does at the end of that post, to pray for your pastor. We are weak and worthless men, who apart from the power of God can do absolutely nothing of any lasting value. We need to pray for one another, and while doing so, let’s remember to thank God for those servants He has used to bless us. And thank you, Jon Cardwell, for your ministry and your words prompting me to think of these men again.

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