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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Time for The Constituion Party

For some time I've been tossing around writing a post about my ongoing support of the Constitution Party, and how to address those who keep bringing out the old, tired, and illogical "throwing away your vote" idea.

Well, thanks to Gene Edward Veith, writer and professor, part of that post has been written for me. So, please read this before you continue.

Now, then, let's get down to business. Since the GOP has continued to ram down our throats non-Conservatives like McCain and now Romney, it's clear that a third party is needed. And it's clear that it needs to be a third party with genuine conservative values. Enter the Constitution Party.

I've written several times already about why I've embraced this party (read here and here). Just go read their party platform and you'll understand. I honestly believe that supporting the CP can make a real difference.

And that's why, here in Missouri, I am fully behind Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor. You can go to her website and read her history and why she left the GOP for the CP. I'll just say here that I had the opportunity to briefly meet her when she announced her candidacy, that my daughter is a college classmate with her daughter, and everything I've heard leads me to believe that Mrs. Davis truly stands behind the platform of the Constitution Party. I'm supporting her to the best of my ability and encourage others in Missouri to do the same.

On the national front, the CP hasn't chosen it's Presidential candidate yet. That will happen in couple weeks at the National Convention. But so far I have been quite impressed with Robby Wells, and I'm hoping he will emerge as the nominee. Whoever it is, as long as they are faithful to the principles stated in the CP platform, they'll get my vote.

I'm tired of being taken for granted by the GOP, tired of the same old results from the two party system. The time couldn't be any more right for the emergence of a powerful third party, and I honestly believe that godly, conservative folks won't do any better than the Constitution Party. I'm Scott Weldon, and I approve this message.

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Gregg said...

You are right and I am with you. The GOP has abandoned its own platform and those of us who were "honest to goodness Republicans." I too have left the party and am leaning to the Constitution Party. It is time for a third party - most people don't know, the Republicans were a third party.

Since the electoral college and not the popular vote elects the president, we are not throwing a vote away - it doesn't matte anyways.

However, we need to re-elect the officials who fill, control, and handle the electoral college so one day our vote will matter again.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

If enough people vote for a third party candidate for president, Obama will be re-elected, and it will be their fault. I remember the "Don't blame me. I voted for Perot" bumper stickers. However, those were the people most to blame for the election of Bill Clinton.

Scott said...

Dear Anon,
You must have not read the linked article. The point is clear. If enough godly conservative people stood up for conviction and refused to give in to the two-party only system, we could win. And even if we don't, we are at least sending a strong message to the GOP so they will stop taking for granted that we will vote for whoever they put up, regardless of their policies. Change only happens if we actually change the way we're doing things. Thanks for stopping by.