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Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Cheryl

Along about 1982 I started going to church (oh, that could have been my "C" word!).  I can't say it was because I longed for truth, or sought to encounter God, or anything like that.  It was because of a girl.  I started chasing after a girl at school and realized that she and her friends spent most of their time at church or church related functions.  Being the bright, logical guy I am, I deduced that if I wanted to see her...I'd have to go to church. 

Her name was...Tina.  I know.  Not a "C" word.  Actually, her last name did start with "C", but that's another story.  Anyway.  Tina did "date" me for awhile, but soon decided to move on.  In the meantime I had become a Christian (now there's a "C" word for you.  Christ is as good as it gets!).  Now then, being a new believer I realized I should only be interested in other believers, and since the only girls I knew who were believers were the other girls at church, that's where I went.  Surprisingly (to me) this didn't sit well with my "ex."

Also in this little story is Tina's best friend...Cheryl (finally!).  Cheryl, being Tina's best friend, promised her best friend that she would never date me like the other girls at church were doing.  And she was good to her first.  She turned me down the first 3 times I asked her out.  But I'm persistent.  And she finally agreed.  And the rest is history.  (It's ok, though; Tina forgave us both and sang at our wedding!)

Cheryl and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this summer.  25 years!  Oh, the grief that woman has put up with in that time!  I've dragged her through ministry on an Indian Reservation, a homeless ministry, several small churches.  It's always been a struggle financially, especially when you add in four children!  But she's never complained.  Never asked for more.

This woman is the very portrait of what a godly, Christlike woman should be.  She is an example of faithfulness, humility, service, patience, encouragement, and dozens of other descriptive terms I can't quite think of right now.  Oh, here's one:  True Love!  As in Princes Bride kind of true love.  As in Ephesians 5 kind of true love.  As in everything in between kind of true love. 

I literally can't imagine my life without Cheryl (and yes, daughters, I am using that word correctly).  She anchors my life in ways I can't even describe.  She lifts me up when life beats me down, even when life might have been right in doing so.  She does all those things in all those corny love songs we used to listen to in the 80s.  She is, next to Christ, the greatest blessing in my life.  I thank God for her daily.  And now, after writing this, I can't wait to get home and hug her and thank her again for agreeing to spend this life with me. 

Honorable mention for "C" word:  Coffee!

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Gregg Metcalf said...

Ah, "a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Wonderful post! What wonderful, mysterious, and blessed ways our Sovereign God works His will in our lives from conception to the crypt. Good job Dude!