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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yield

This is a hard one for me.  Because I have a hard time yielding.  In anything!  Put me in my car and I suddenly lose all patience.  I know the rules of the road and I know what those other…people…are supposed to be doing, so do it right.  I’m not giving in.  (Yeah, I’m a jerk)

In life as well, I have a hard time giving in.  I have an over developed sense of right and wrong sometimes.  Not that I’m perfect, that I never do anything wrong, etc.  I know I mess up all the time.  Still doesn’t seem to change the fact that things are very black and white to me, and when other folks are in the wrong, I don’t want to back off much. 

Actually, I do back off.  While I hate to yield, I hate confrontation as well, so I let ‘em go more often than not.  Others sometimes see this as humility on my part (I’ve been told), but the truth is inside I’m steaming.  Because I hate to yield.   And yet isn’t this the very thing God requires of us?

The Christian life is all about yielding.  We yield to His will and His glory in all things.  All our own wants and desires are set aside, and we seek our King in everything.

We are to yield to one another, not thinking too highly of self, not putting our own “rights” out front; but rather seeking the good of others, putting their needs first.

The greatest must become a servant.  Leading comes from yielding.

Pray for me, that I would learn the meaning of this word and make it a reality in my life. 

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