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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings

I admit I was a little off at the end of the year. A little tired. A little frustrated. A little of a lot of things. Hence the “death knell” post.

But as we look to this new year I'm reminded of the blessing of new beginnings. In fact, isn't that what our faith is all about. All things becoming new. God bringing life to the dead. New chances. New opportunities. New life. And continual newness.

What a horror it would be if God looked down at our sin and filth and said, “You know, I'm a little tired. A little frustrated. A little of a lot of things. Let's just end it.” Oh my! Praise God His mercy endures forever. Praise God He continues to bring newness, to renew the strength of the weary, to restore the wandering son.

And so, even though the things that cause weariness and frustration haven't changed, I am resolved to focus on newness and joy and strength in Christ instead. (AHH! A new year's resolution. I said I wasn't going to do those! Oh well)

To mark the newness, I've revamped the look of things. I'm not that computer savvy, but thanks to the fancy tools Blogger provides, I was able to come up with some new stuff. Might even change it again. I'll wait and see how it grows on me.

I still don't know if the productivity will increase. But the “new” part is I don't really care. I'm not going to do this because I think I have to. I like the catharsis, as I've mentioned frequently before. So I'll do it for the joy of it, for the help in clarifying my own thoughts, for the entertainment of the 3 people who read this, simply sharing the thoughts as God gives them to me, for His purposes and for His glory. And it'll be a great new year.

So in looking forward to the newness, the new year and all, keeping in perspective that God's plans and purposes should always be foremost in our hearts, here are Samuel Medley's words from 1789 in looking at “Another Year.”

Father of mercies! God of love!
Whose kind compassion still we prove,
Our praise accept, and bless us here,
As brought to this—another year.

We sing Thy goodness all divine,
Whose radiant beams around us shine,
Tis through Thy goodness we appear
Preserved to this—another year.

Our souls, our all we here resign;
Make us, and keep us ever Thine;
And grant that in Thy love and fear
We may begin—another year.

Be this our sweet experience still,
To know and do Thy holy will;
Then shall our souls, with joy sincere,
Bless Thee for this—another year.

Still, Lord, through life Thy love display,
And then in death’s approaching day,
We’ll joyful part with all that’s here,
Nor wish on earth—another year.


helen turner said...

What joy to wake to a new year and answered prayer. I prayed for you to be renewed and strengthen by His power and mercy through out last year. You and your family are very dear to my heart. Although I've known you all for a very short time, I've blessed greatly in that knowing.
It is an exciting new year and I am overwhelmed by the anticipation of the mighty things God has planned for our church as a whole and the renewal of each individual member of your congregation.
Jeremiah 33:3

Scott said...

Thanks, Helen, for the prayers and for the comment. God is so good, and I'm also excited to see how He will overcome all of our weaknesses to show Himself strong and mighty!