For it is by grace you have been saved...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Death of a Blog?

We all know that life moves in cycles and seasons.  We start out young and learn our way around.  You then "hit your stride" out to conquer the world in youthful exuberance.  Eventually, age and wisdom take over, and maybe you slow down, or redirect.  Eventually, it all catches up and things really start to slow down, etc.  It varies from person to person, but there is a definite pattern to it all. 

I think I see that in this blog as well.  In 2007 I hit the online world with my little page and slowly started to learn my way around.  Growing and learning and getting the hang of things, the pace picked up a bit.  At some point, I "hit my stride" and was spouting off about anything and everything.  I even got a little nationwide boost during an election cycle in which my words prompted interviews from a St. Louis paper and even the NY Times, which both quoted me.  I felt like a star. 

But then middle age set in, it became more steady and plodding, maybe.  Hopefully more mature...nah, never mind on that one.  And then things started slowing down.  Maybe life got busier, maybe I got less opinionated...

...Sorry, had to take a break and catch my breath after "rolling on the floor laughing."

Anyway, it seems now that this thing has become like a sad, neglected old relative in a nursing facility.  I only come by to visit once a week or so, and then don't seem to think about it for awhile.

Again, maybe it's a life phase or something.  I still enjoy doing this.  I started in large part as a cathartic experience.  Just being able to share thoughts about random things.  Some important.  Others not so much.  Some things I couldn't really share from the pulpit. Other things which I had just shared from the pulpit.  All it all, a fulfilling experience for me whether anyone reads it or not.

But I've been feeling guilty about the lack of both quality and quantity lately.  And it's made me wonder what the future holds.  Maybe I'll get with it again.  Maybe I'll just let it fade into the sunset.  Just don't know.  The fact that I'm taking time for my weekly visit to even ruminate about this should tell you something.

I also read an online "acquaintance" who recently wrote about becoming bored with blogs.  Maybe that's it.  Maybe the time has passed.  I know there are still several places out there that I enjoy stopping by and reading, depending on time, etc.  So maybe these things still have a place. 

Anyway, the title of this blog says it contains "random thoughts" and these have been about as random as it gets.  At least I'm living up to the billing, though.  

If the end is near, it's been a fun ride.  If there is still life left, I look forward to what may still come.  Either way, God is good, grace is amazing, and... I need coffee!


Kevin Sorensen said...

Blessings upon you, brother, whatever direction this heads. I, too, have been blogging since very late 2006. I did so on three different formats until I found the one that worked.

However, I'm probably pulling the plug on my 'Random Thoughts From a Cluttered Mind' blog at year's end. It's time. I beat myself up for not getting posts written or done on the schedule I announced (that's a rule I would change: Don't ever announce a schedule upon which you'll blog!). I've reviewed about as many books as I care to review. It's just time. I think God has other things for me to move on to.

It's been a joy following you!

Tim A. Blankenship said...

Scott, Just wanted you to know I have appreciated your blog, your thoughts. Back at the beginning of this year I decided to take the year off from blogging, but after about six months I was back.
Like you, I get to feeling like no one is reading.
I got to thinking about that one reader who might happen upon my blog. Does it point them to Jesus our Saviour? I pray so. Does it glorify God? I am praying so.
If just one hears the gospel, and I never hear about until I see Jesus, then it has been worth it. Jesus is heard about, and God is glorified.
I would recommend taking a month or two away, then come back refreshed with new thought.
I look forward to reading more of your blog.