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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homeschooler Moment #4

This isn't the "funny" entry that the last couple have been. This time, it's just a proud dad sharing some of his homeschooled kids' stuff.

1. Our youngest daughter has joined her older sister in the ranks of the "published authors." She has a poem that will published in the spring issue of The Storyteller magazine. Go KJ!

2. Our oldest son bought a new camera and has been going crazy! Here are some of his pics

The kid may have a future here!


Gregg said...

Those are fantastic pics! Where was the one of the sun or moon taken? That could be a desktop shot.

Scott said...

These were all taken either around our house or at church. The sunset is from the front parking lot of church. The birds are from him walking around in our field, or down by our creek, also pictured. The "super moon" is out in our back field. God has blessed us so immensely to live where we get to see these things daily!

The Traveler said...

Wow. Nathanael, you may turn out alright yet. lol

Anonymous said...

Scott, Tell your son those are great pics. Enjoyed them.