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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GOP – Here We Go Again

Four years ago the Republican Party nominated a non-conservative, John McCain, for President. They assumed then, as they do now, that conservative folks will vote for the GOP candidate just to avoid voting for the even more liberal Democrat. Unfortunately, that has been the case far too often in the past, the old “lesser of two evils” kind of thing. Well, I thought they would have learned from the McCain debacle that this just ain’t so. I guess they haven’t.

As everyone knows, Mitt Romney has won the first two primaries of this election cycle. That alone is an historical feat. Anything can still happen, but as of now Romney looks like he’s on the fast track to the GOP nod. Once again, Republicans will assume that we’ll support this guy simply because he’s not Obama. Maybe, at one time that would have worked. Not any more.

Four years ago I wrote a piece saying farewell to the Grand Old Party. I’m tired of true conservative values being ignored; tired of having mediocre at best candidates shoved down our throats while the GOP tries to play “middle of the road.” Everyone knows what happens when you stand in the middle of the road, right? Splat!

As I wrote then, I can’t in good conscience vote for one man simply because he’s NOT another man. I can’t vote for anyone who’s not solidly pro-life, period. That always narrows the choices. I don’t see how any self-respecting Christian citizen can EVER vote for a candidate who’s not solidly pro-life (as you know, Romney is wishy-washy on the issue, among other things).

I don’t understand why Christian folks don’t rise up as one and cry out against this sort of thing. As I said before, if true, God-fearing folks united together, we could win an election in a landslide. Unfortunately, folks won’t stand up. They are content to sit back and let the GOP continue to thumb their noses and true conservatives and our values.

Which is why I will once again reiterate my support of the Constitution Party. I wrote twice after the last election about why this is the only sensible choice. You can read here and here about that, so I don’t just repeat myself. You can go here and read the party platform, and then compare that against the stands of the other two parties.

Honestly, I don’t know how that will work out at this point for the Presidential vote. I do know there are local CP candidates whom I will support as much as I can. If the CP emerges with a Presidential candidate, no matter how “unknown” I will support that candidate (given that he truly supports the platform). Regardless, if Romney is the nominee, I will not vote for him. I’ll write in Mike Huckabee or something! I’m sick and tired of being taken for granted by the GOP; “oh they have to vote for us, we’re not Democrats.”

If enough folks would stand up against that thinking and support truly conservative candidates, we might actually be able to turn this nation around. I urge you to go back and read those three articles I mentioned (again, they are here, here and here). Go to the Constitution Party’s national website. Let’s band together and really make a difference.


Nathaniel Johnson said...

Pretty simple choice then, Vote Ron Paul. He's only running on a GOP ticket because its better to get the GOP nomination at this point than to run as a third party and split the vote causing Obama to get in again. It wouldn't surprise me if He did something like that, but its not the best way to go about it. At the same time he's the only Candidate on stage who has a base to support a presidential campaign, and is a strict constitutionalists.

Scott said...

You may be right, Nathaniel, but I don't like the "pragmatism" of running in the GOP just because it's expedient. He knows full well the GOP powers will sabotage him just as they did before, why not put all his effort into a third party if that's what he truly believes. Read here for more on that.

George Wilson said...

A vote for a third party is a vote for Obama. That is a risk far to big to take. I remember the bumper stickers that said, "Don't blame me - I voted for Perot." Actually, those are the people who WERE to blame for putting Clinton in the White House.

Scott said...

George, I understand what you are saying, and used to believe the same thing. But when the GOP continues to sell out their conservative base, a vote for them is no different than a vote for the Democrats anyway. As I quoted in one of the previous articles I mentioned: "Of two evils choose neither. Don't choose the least, but let all evils alone." I have to answer to God for my vote, and I will not vote for anyone who supports the murder of children, period. Other platform issues are important, too, but regardless of what party they represent, we must stand on principles. And I reiterate: If ALL God-fearing people would take that stand, then even a third party candidate would easily win. Our problem is we're blinded by the "two-party only" mentality and we give in to it. I choose to vote conscience. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. Again, I understand where you're coming from, I just disagree.

Scott Miller said...

Well said Scott. I am not implying that Paul is not the only one on the right track at present.
To his credit, he is pretty much the same as he has always been, not just reinventing himself for the run of 2012.

Having said that, why do we find ourselves forced to reward the GOP for the many years of bad behavior? For that matter this same concept applies equally to the Democratic Party.

Things are getting worse, due to government overstepping its constitutional authority with more frequency and boldness. Each passing day, are people really starting to wake up, finally?

I would like to think that people are beginning to think out of that little 2 party box, and would elect liberty over party. This is especially true when that same party has been shown time and time again to be in actuality, an anti-liberty, self serving club, despite their claim to the contrary, as they sling the mud back and forth, with the Dem's.

You still have so many voters believing the falsehood of that broken down cliché “at least it’s not a liberal, or worse, an Obama himself”.

Whatever Obama is doing, he is doing with the support of a “GOP” controlled House.

He is not operating in a vacuum. He is a puppet more than a leader. Nothing is accomplished without the support of both power parties.

I fear that so many will support Paul, then as the elections draw closer, because the GOP dare not afford him a chance to upset their apple-cart of power, they will turn on him, and pull away any support they may have had for him. He will then concede and throw all of his support, and thus supporters, to the GOP party fave, a Romney type candidate.

So, what happens to those lofty ideals of liberty then?

“Oh well, better any GOPer than Obama”!

Thank you sir, may I have another…..

Scott Miller said...

Voting for the right person is never the wrong thing to do. If I vote for a McCain vs. an Obama, the resulting damage to freedom is the same. All this so I can at least kid myself that one is better than the other?

Compromising my family's liberty is a terrible price to pay to get the "lesser of two evils" into office.
The concept of vote splitting keeps the professionals and their parties in office, in power, violating our law, with our blessing.

We can take on only as much of this filthy water, until the boat completely swamps.

Scott said...

Mr. Miller, well said. Keep up the good work!

Gregg said...

The system is broke and beyond repair. I too, and done with the GOP who "just can't get it."

I shudder at the thought that Obama, unfettered by a final term, running amuck with my country, but I think it is inevitable.

However, I will do my part through prayer, preaching, persuasion, and posting (voting) to hinder that.

George Wilson said...

I am really concerned by some of the comments I am reading here. Would we really vote for a third party candidate who has no hope of winning, just because the GOP does not offer up what we consider a "perfect candidate."

Are we willing to become willing participants in our own demise while we, by default, vote to re-elect the worst president in the history of our country?

Will we avoid voting for a Republican who is not pro-life enough to suit us while helping the most pro-death president ever to regain the oval office?

One thing at a time. If we don't have a country left after four more years of King Rehobama, overturning laws we don't like will become a meaningless goal.

Think about it.

Scott said...

George, again I understand what you are saying. Many folks agree with you. However, we are not voting "against" something when we go to the polls, we are voting "for" something. I cannot in good conscience vote for someone like Mitt Romney. I cannot stand before God and say I supported this man. I can only vote my conscience and trust the results to God.

My point is that if all good, Christian folks would do the same, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. If all true conservatives would vote conscience instead of pragmatism, we would win in a landslide. I'm simply calling folks to have the courage to stand up and do just that and show both parties where this country truly stands.

As one wise man said: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” - John Quincy Adams

George Wilson said...

I am not for Romney. I will not vote for him in the primary. However, if he is the only choice against Obama, I must vote for him, because failure to vote for him is voting for Obama, and there is no way I could accept being part of giving him a second term.

Romney makes both Newt and Santorum look very good.

Scott said...

"if he is the only choice against Obama"

That's the point. He's NOT the only choice. We don't have to be slaves to the 2 party system unless we want to be. Once again, if enough Godly folks would vote conscience...

George Wilson said...

I would guess there are at least 100 million people in this country who, if any one of them were chosen at random, would make a better president than Obama. The problem is getting enough people to settle on the same one.

Who are you planning to vote for? People will not vote for someone they have never heard of.

Scott said...

George, as I said, I'm not sure at this point. I would have liked Ron Paul to ditch the GOP and run, but that didn't happen. I'm still waiting to see who the Constitution Party runs. At this point, even unknown, I'm reasonably sure it will be better than Obama or Romney or really any of the other GOP candidates. Sad time in our nation's history when there are so few men of character to stand up and support.