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Monday, June 24, 2013

24 - An Ode to My Wife

August 24, 1983

One of the greatest days in history

You finally agreed to go out with me

It took a while before you would say yes

You weren’t very impressed with me I guess

But I was persistent you must confess

Six years later, and lots of time to run

Yet our love grew strong, our doubts were undone

And together we agreed to be one

Our 24 was now the date we set

In June of ’89, a day to let

The whole world see what our love would beget

The happiest day of my life, I’d say

Though many happy days have come our way

They all go back to that 24th day

It was on that day you became my wife

And though we’ve had our trials and our strife

It’s you that makes my life…well…a real life

Without you, there is no us, that’s for sure

Without us, we’d not have those other four

Our children, those blessings like never before

Ups and downs and moving from place to place

What an adventure, and proof of God’s grace

That I still see love in your lovely face

Now we celebrate a new 24

The number of years that have passed before

Our eyes and are gone; yet opened the door

For enjoying at least 24 more

I can’t wait to see what God has in store

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