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Monday, June 17, 2013

Muddling Through Mondays

In case you don't know, Mondays are rough on most pastors.  Not every Monday.  Not every pastor.  But most pastors will on some Monday or another feel the urge to just get out.  Preaching to a brick wall on Sunday.  Dealing with less than cooperative committees.  Hearing the same old criticism again and again from folks who are doing nothing to really help the church.  

For the most part, those "difficult" people we deal with are the minority.  The church, by and large, is filled with loving, caring, supportive people.  It's just that the other folks are usually louder, or at least the pastor perceives them as so. 

And so, after pouring ourselves out on Sunday, emotionally and spiritually drained in many cases, with all the struggles on our minds, many pastors get up on Monday asking if it's worth it all.   Well, here is an older article from Desiring God on the topic that might be helpful.  It's an excerpt from a book, so I don't want to break copyrights by reprinting it here.  I'll just give you the link and encourage you to read it.

Why?  If your a pastor, you'll appreciate the perspective and encouragement.  If you're not a pastor, maybe it will help you understand your pastors needs/struggles and motivate you to pray for him.  Either way, it was a blessing to me and hope it will be to you as well as we muddle through Mondays. 

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Gregg Metcalf said...

Great article, thanks!