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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Ode to Coffee

I’ve written twice before about the divine nectar we call coffee.  Once sharing a wonderful classic aria based on the beverage, and once showing the appreciation of everyone’s favorite pastor/theologian, Charles Spurgeon.

Recently, I’ve picked up the hobby of collecting coffee sleeves.  It began when I first set out to find and visit all the coffee houses in the greater Springfield area, and continued on our recent trip out west as I looked for various coffee shops on the way.

My collection is still in its infancy, and I’m still searching for a proper way to display these little trophies of my caffeine consumption.  But, since the blogosphere and social media is all about sharing the mundane issues of our lives with people who really don’t care; and since I’m woefully behind in posting anything worthwhile here; I thought I’d share this collection with you.
And in honor of the beverage behind it all, here are some fun odds and ends.

First, a wonderful 16th Century Arabic poem which says:
“O coffee, thou dost dispel all cares,
Thou art the object of desire to the scholar.
This is the beverage of the friends of God;
It gives health to those in its service,
Who strive after wisdom.”

Second, here is a more modern ode to the cup o’ joe:

And finally, lest anyone think this is all trivial, here is a wonderful paper I stumbled across from a decade ago showing how Scripture shows coffee to be a means of grace (OK, so this was just done in fun, but it is…well…fun).  Click here to read thepaper.

So, here’s to coffee, the Baptist’s liquor of choice. 

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