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Friday, February 7, 2014

Ham vs. Nye: Creation/Evolution Debate Response (a bit late)

Everyone has heard by now of the debate last Tuesday between Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye, "the Science Guy."  If you're like me, I love the idea of this debate to bring a solid Creationism case to the "masses", but at the same time, you know it's not going to do much good to change the mind of hard core anti-God folks like Nye. 

There have been dozens of responses, two of the best of which are these from Al Mohler and Rick Phillips.  So I can't really add to the wisdom of it all.  I just wanted to share my favorite response of all, which comes from AiG cartoonist Dan Lietha.  It's based on one exchange during the debate where Mr. Nye admits not knowing where matter comes from, and Ken quipping "hey, there's a Book on that."  

Again, while I don't have any wise insights on the debate itself, I do believe this is a crucial issue.  If you have not done any research into this, if you think it's just a "side" issue, then please reconsider.  If we remove the foundations of creation, if we tear out the heart of the first book of Scripture, then the rest crumbles as well.  

If we try to insert "millions of years" into the creation account, maybe into verse 2 of Genesis 1, thinking that we are making a reasoned compromise with "science" then we are mistaken.  Death and decay comes as the result of the Fall, which makes redemption in Christ necessary.  If we insert millions of years worth of life and death before the Fall, then we completely undermine the truth that Sin caused death.  If Sin doesn't cause death, then Salvation is unnecessary.  If Salvation is unnecessary, the Cross is pointless.  And if the Cross is pointless, so is the Resurrection, and Paul tells us that if this is the case, we are to be pitied above all men.

So this isn't a secondary issue.  Please look into it.  Read some of the well researched and well written materials by folks like those at AiG and see the scientific evidence supporting Creationism.  Don't let the anti-God evolutionists make their claims unopposed.  As Mr. Ham points out, there is a Book on this, written by the only eye witness to the event.  Read it.


Ron Livesay said...

Modern man tries to determine the truth about the pre-flood world and the pre-fall world, based on his observations of the present fallen world from a perspective that is tainted by sin. Such observations are unreliable and mean nothing in light of the fact that God has told us what he did.

DanL said...

Thanks for the kind words Scott! Your blog made my day!

Scott said...

Thank YOU, Mr. Lietha. So humbled that you stopped by this little blip in the blogosphere. Appreciate AiG making things like this available to share. Keep up the good work.