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Monday, February 10, 2014

Pro-Gay/Anti-Christian Bias in Sports

As a Missouri Tiger fan, I was of course interested in the reports coming out (pardon the pun) about Mizzou DE and NFL hopeful Michael Sam stating he is openly gay.  While the sports media hails his "brave" announcement, I have to wonder again just how brave this really is.

Last year NBA player Jason Collins announced his homosexuality and was greeted with similar praise for his bravery.  I penned a post then contrasting the media praise for Collins vs. the vitriol poured out on ESPN analyst Chis Broussard for sharing his Christian beliefs on the subject.  I asked, who is the brave one here?  The one praised by the media and even the president, or the one ostracized for his faith.

This pro-gay/anti-Christian bias in the sports world continues to grow.  Sam is getting all kinds of praise and support, with no fewer than three links to positive stories about him on the FoxSports front page.  Meanwhile, this same FoxSports network fired NFL great Craig James last fall after only one day on the job because during a political campaign he stated that his Christian faith led him to oppose gay marriage. 

Message:  Gay?  We'll pat you on the back, promote you as a brave hero.  Christian?  We'll slam you, tell you to keep your views to yourself, and maybe even fire you.  Can no one see the obvious bias in this?

Of course, this is just symptomatic of society in general.  The Obama administration chose to push the homosexual agenda and shove it in the face of the world by sending openly gay activists as our official national representatives to the Olympics.  It was done in an open protest of Russia's stance opposing gay marriage. 

And even "in house", the administration continues to rail against conservative Christians by removing military personnel who oppose gay marriage, even threatening chaplains who preach against homosexuality with "treason".  You can read about that little nugget as well of a host of other issues in this extensive rundown of persecution against Christians here and around the world. 

The message is getting clearer by the day.  Christians need to keep their mouths shut.  Whether it's in politics or sports, the world doesn't want to hear it.  Meanwhile, they'll promote as much immorality as they can, whether it's giving props to openly gay athletes, or passing out condoms to Olympians, or continuing to wink and nod at the promiscuity of superstar players. 

The point is simply this. As I've said often, our nation is not only growing ever more immoral, but also ever more opposed to Christianity and Christian values.  Folks, we need to wake up and see the reality.  The days of comfortable Christianity are coming to an end.  We are only a step away from outright persecution.  Today it's in the sports world, next it's your job.  I'm not just being an alarmist, I'm simply saying the Christian people need to stand strong, be ready for what's coming, be prepared to stand for the Truth no matter what may happen. 

As for Mr. Sam, I will pray for him.  I will pray that God showers His grace on him, shows him that real love is found in Christ who came and died for sins like his homosexuality, as well as my own sin.  I pray Christian teammates will love him and share Christ's love with him.  I pray that in the days to come, maybe him or some other "openly gay" athlete will have their lives radically saved by Christ and be put in the spotlight for a whole new reason.  We'll see who the media calls brave on that day. 

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Susan said...

We do live in terrible times. I'm a gen-x-er and thought we would see Jesus before 2000...and here we still are, but God is long-suffering, there is still time for some (many?) to repent, even Ms. Roe (of Roe vs Wade) realized that she was wrong and came to Christ, after the damage was done, true, but before I was saved I caused damage as well. I pray for strength to continue to speak up and tell the truth, even if it gets me imprisoned or killed.

Many "Christians" are "falling away" because they love this world and their mortal lives more than they love Jesus. Our flesh is weak, let us rely on the Spirit to carry us through these perilous times and not give in to satan and his ways. This life is short and it is not worth trading our eternity for it.