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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just Because...

Helllloooooooo......     (echo......echo.......echo)
Anybody out there?   (crickets chirping)

I know I've been absent from this page for a week, or two, or something.  It's not that I have nothing to say.  My family will tell you I always have something to say.  It's more like, I have too much to say and not sure how to say it. 

ISIS brutality and persecuted Christians.  But our media instead likes to focus on idiotic protests over religious freedom laws, focusing on Christians who don't want to provide cakes for "gay" weddings. Meanwhile, Muslim bakeries deny gay wedding cakes all the protests. (see here) Ahhh!!

Here in our own area, the issue is over "special protection" for sodomites and perverts...oh, I'm sorry....LGBT folks.  Meanwhile, Christian rights to free speech and free exercise go out the window. 
And don't get me started on politics and politicians. 

So much serious stuff going on.  And as you can see, my "filter" isn't letting me deal with it in as kind and compassionate way as I probably should.  Hence my silence. 

So, instead, let's just have a little fun.  From the folks who brought you St. Patrick's Bad Analogies, comes a wonderful meeting of these two Celtic comedians, Donall and Conall, with famed atheist Richard Dawkins. Serious topics, fun approach.  That's what I need.  So enjoy this for now, and if anyone is still around in a week or so I'll try to get back to my world famous insights. (well, of course, I never had those, so it wouldn't really be getting back to them, but....anyway)

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