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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Earning Respect on the Issues

If nothing else, yesterday’s Super Tuesday result have finally earned some respect for Mike Huckabee and the legitimacy of his candidacy. Instead of folks calling for him to pull out and endorse Romney, the call is now reversed. Even the liberal network news guys were giving Huck credit, albeit reluctantly.

And to all five people who read this, a big thank you to the other 185, 626 Missourians who went out and voted for Mike yesterday. We only came up a little short, calling into question the winner take all method in this state.

Also, congrats to the people of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia for their wisdom in declaring the right man to be their candidate.

It seems John McCain will be next to impossible to stop at this point, but here’s hoping that the Grand Old Party will stand up and take notice of those who truly make it run. It’s not about Mormon vs. Baptist, as the media would have you believe. It’s about the issues we truly care about: protecting life, marriage, our borders, etc. These are the things that have propelled Huckabee’s campaign and that McCain and his ilk need to take into serious consideration.

And the tide rolls on!


Rod said...


I guess I'll have to amend my earlier prediction of several weeks back regarding a VP offer to Huckabee.

I thought Romney would be the frontrunner by now--silly me. If the MBC can turn pro-beer almost overnight, then Republicans can certainly back McCain.

McCain will need Huckabee as a running mate worse than Romney would. Whatcya think?

scott said...

It's obvious that McCain will desperately need a "social conservative" in his corner. But I'm not sure that even if Huck were the VP I could in good conscience vote for McCain. Maybe it's time for us to back a third party candidate, knowing it will put a Dem in office. Maybe the GOP will learn how deeply they need the conservative base to survive. I don't know at this point.