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Thursday, February 14, 2008

True Love and the Newsboys

It’s been a rough week or so at our house. We’ve passed around what feels like a winter flu bug on steroids. I actually missed preaching on Sunday morning for the first time in my brief 17 years of pastoral ministry. At this point I’m not sure I’ll have a voice by this Sunday, putting it in doubt as well. But leave it to my wife to bring a little sunshine and encouragement.

Our local Christian radio station was running a little contest, giving away tickets for an upcoming Newsboys concert (which I very much wanted to attend, but also very much couldn’t afford right now). Following the theme of their song “In Wonder” callers were asked to call in and tell a story of someone or something wonderful in their lives.

My darling wife (whom for years I’ve known that I don’t deserve) called in this morning to tell them about her sweetheart, who coincidentally was born on Valentine’s Day. (That would be me, in case you’re wondering). She told of how I proposed to her, and a little bit about our family, etc. And lo and behold, she won tickets for us to go the Newsboys concert!

Now that’s true love, folks. For several reasons. One, she doesn’t really want to go the concert. Two, she hates telling stories about our life like that. Three, she hates even worse to talk on the phone to radio stations, especially knowing they might play it on the air (which they are going to do tomorrow morning, BTW). All for her sweetheart.

My loving wife is a constant reminder of what grace is all about. It’s a shame that she had to win me Newsboys tickets to get me to talk about it again, but I am daily reminded of God’s goodness because of her. I don’t deserve her love any more than I deserve His, but in His grace I’ve been given both. To quote a much earlier song from the ‘boys: “When we get what we don’t deserve, that’s a real good thing. When we don’t get what we deserve, that’s a real good thing.”

That’s grace.
And that’s true love.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone.

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Ray said...

What a beautiful story brother. Truly we do not deserve the wonderful women God brings into our lives. Praise Him for His mercy and grace!