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Monday, February 4, 2008

Go Vote!!

Super Tuesday is upon us, and I would simply like to remind you to go vote.

I'm frustrated by those who are already calling for Huckabee to give in and endorse Romney. Let's wait until the votes are counted, shall we? And, by the way, the latest polls have Huckabee gaining here in Missouri, and leading handily here in the Ozarks.
And for pity's sake, let's have some conviction. If you truly believe in a candidate, support him to the end. And if you are a candidate who truly believes in your issues, then stick it out to the end. No Compromise!

So let's get out there Missouri, and let's vote. Of course, I agree with what Mike Huckabee said during his stop in Springfield on Friday. He said, "If you're not going to vote for me, then stay home!" (It's a joke, friends, the guy has a sense of humor).

If you don't vote now, even in the primary, then you can't say later that you truly care about the future of our nation. For the sake of our kids, go vote! - I Like Mike!


Anonymous said...

Scott - I didn't say Mike should drop out and endorse Romney! I merely raised the notion that if or when Huckabee does decide to drop out, the thought to endorse Romney over McCain should at least enter his mind for consideration.

I don't like Romney or McCain. I think they're both not going to cut it for social conservatives!

I do think that Romney at least on paper is better than McCain. At least Romney claims to have seen the light and changed his stances.

John McCain is on the record being against protecting traditional marriage, and has waffled on sanctity of life issues like embryonic stem cell research, and has said he thinks Supreme Court Justice Alito is "too conservative".

I like Mike Huckabee, and I want Mike Huckabee to win this thing. However, I'm baffled by his unspoken alliance with McCain!

Look, we're playing for the same team here as born again believers in Christ. I'm not abandoning Mike, I'm just sparking debate and trying to talk about this split between conservative voters.

In the end it's not about Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney. It's about protecting life in the womb, it's about upholding traditional marriage, it's about protecting First Amendment rights for Christians, and it's about taking this country back for Christ!

P.S. Where are you from in Missouri? I'm from Kansas City originally and I may be moving back that way. I also went to school in Springfield.


scott said...

Hey Andy, thanks for dropping by. I'm sorry if I came off too harsh, I just read a lot of my frustration into your post. It seems that everyone has been writing Huck off before we even count the SupTues votes.

I agree with everything you've said. Romney is better than McCain who is really a Democrat anyway. But I'm not sure I can support a guy who can't make up his mind on key issues like life, marriage, etc. I know what he says now, but I think it's only because it's politically expedient for him to do so.

So Go Huck, Go! BTW, he's already won West Virginia!

As to the PS: We are just up the road from Springfield. Originally from the St. Louis area, but went to school in KC; spent six years there.

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