For it is by grace you have been saved...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Challenging Message

I sort of hate it when I find one of those youtube video things, because then I just waste time watching them. But in the process of posting the last little clip featuring parts of a message from Paul Washer, I found another clip that I wanted to share.

In fact, I was actually at the conference where this audio was recorded. It was a couple years ago at a SBC Founders Conference in St. Louis (actually, St. Peter's, MO). I was so moved by the message at the time that I purchased a DVD copy and have shown it to several folks.

Anyway, here is the clip. But be warned. It is highly challenging.


PFH said...

Ahem, God will SPRINKLE you and make you clean... one might read that and think that God performs the baptism through no effort on our part, and he does it by sprinkling... one might get that out of the passage... maybe.

Oh, but then he cleared that up right at the very end.

Shelly saw you on tv tonite, and yet she still hasn't called your wife... I promise, it's coming.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I totally agree with everything he said, especially the part at the end. I used to be in a mega SBC church that taught the Romans road approach to sharing the gospel with folks. Which is wonderful. Romans is a great book to use to walk folks through our enmity with God, deserving His wrath, and that He is the just God and he alone is the justifier. But the mega church encouraged the need for a prayer to be the end result of every such encounter. That does nothing but give folks a false sense of salvation. Paul nails it when he says that awful truth that it is sending them to hell thinking they are saved by that work or that prayer.