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Monday, October 1, 2012

Go Ahead, Have a Slice

I’m in the minority on a lot of things.  At least it seems that way.  A Conservative, Reformed, Homeschooling pastor who also loves Christian rock music, NASCAR, and guns.  Odd, I know.  In fact, one time our daughter was talking with some folks and when they found out she was a pastor’s kid and a homeschooler, they said, “Wow, you’re really on the fringe!”

But as odd as I may be, there is at least one area in which I am solidly in the majority:  Pizza Lover!  94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly, according to some random statistic; so that makes me just a regular guy.  Of course, although most eat it regularly, many may not be quite as fanatical as our family.  

Between frozen and restaurant versions, we often have pizza 2-3 times a week.  Add in a quick slice for lunch, and I guess I eat pizza more than a “regularly.”  In fact, we have frozen pizzas every Sunday for lunch. We decided a long time ago that if this is a day of rest, mom should get to rest as well.  Easy cooking, easy clean-up; pizza is the answer.   

I can’t prove this, but I believe pizza will be a main part of the “marriage feast” in heaven.  Just my hopeful belief, since pizza isn’t exactly mentioned in the Bible.  (However, if you can tolerate this borderline sacrilegious list, someone had some fun replacing the word “peace” with “pizza” and came up with some great verses!)

Anyway, October is National Pizza Month.  In honor of that celebration, I have resolved to eat as much pizza as possible.  Which makes this no different than any other month, it just gives justification to my habit.  Of course, this also means I have to make the 35 mile trip to the nearest Imo’s Pizza, which is the absolute best pizza on the planet.  But, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

To help you celebrate, here are a couple of fun things to do.

Here’s a list of some interesting pizza facts.

Here’s a fun little online pizza trivia game.

And of course, the most fun song about food, sung by food, every made.  Pizza Angel: 

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Brian from the pizza website said...

Hey Scott,

Thanks for linking to my bible/pizza post. That was great of you.

How do I contact you via email? I'd like to tell you a bit about our pizza website and how I'll be using it to support our church planting work.

Thanks again,