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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With All Creation Sing

Several years ago I heard Paul Washer speak at a conference, and he was talking about the vileness of our sin in general.  In the process he was pointing out the fact that the rest of creation obeys God readily, except for man.

He said: God said to the stars, each of which is large enough to consume a dozen of our suns, "You go there, and you will be called this, and you stay there until I tell you otherwise."  And the starts obeyed.  He said to the planets, "you go there, and will be this color, and will go in this path, and will reflect light in just this way, and you continue to do all that until I tell you otherwise."  And they obeyed him.

 And He said to the mountains, arise and come forth and they obeyed and rose up out of the ground.  And He said to the valleys, "Cast yourself down" and they obeyed Him.  He said to the monsters of the deep dance in this way, and they danced in obedience.  And then he said to you come follow me, and you said, "No!"

Washer concluded by saying: Our sin is so horrible, so vile, such a blight on creation that when you take you first step into hell, all of creation will rejoice because God finally got rid of you!

Again, the point was focusing on the depravity of man, and it certainly highlights that.  Recently I was thinking about this quote again in terms of worship.  All of creation points to God.  All of creation does its job “declaring His glory.”  Only man is reluctant to do so.  Amazing when you consider that only man knows the glory of redemption.  How sad that we would be so slow to worship.

Thinking along those lines prompted me to write the following.  I hope it serves as an encouragement for all of us to take our place along side the rest of creation is making His name known, as we should. (And for the record, the photos here were taken by my son, Nathanael.)

With All Creation Sing  

The beauty of the rising sun
The splendor as it sets
All sing the praises of the One
Who gave us life and breath

We see His hand in morning mists
His blessings in the rain
We see in Him all things subsist
And honor’s due His name

All heav’n and earth His pow’r acclaims
To Him all nature sings
Yet man alone in sinful shame
Reluctant praise we bring

Remind us, Lord, about Your grace
How in Christ we’re restored.
Then move our hearts to seek Your face
To worship and adore.

Then with all creatures great and small
With land and sea and sky
We’ll join our voices with them all
Your name to glorify

copyright 2012 Servantheart Music

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