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Friday, October 12, 2012

There Are More Than Two Choices!

In the past two weeks I've heard a lot of comments about the recent debates; first the Romney/Obama debate, and then last night's Ryan/Biden skirmish.  And the one comment I've heard over and over is, "I can't stand either one of them."  And yet, in the end, most of these people will force themselves to vote for one or the other, the one they dislike the least, the one the loathe the least, the one they think will do the least amount of damage.

Folks, there are more than two choices!
I know I've said all this before, but it's simply infuriating to see so many people blindly follow the lie that only a Republican or Democrat can receive our vote.  Who ever said it had to be one or the other.  It's like asking, "Would you rather sit in an electric chair or get a lethal injection?"  How about if I don't take either?!  I don't want to die!  And yet by buying into the two-party-only mentality we are slowly killing our nation. 

It's time for real change. There are more than two choices, and if all the folks who are "fed up" with the two options we have would get behind a solid third choice, we could see that real change happen.  But as I've said, I've been through all that before in this space.  So let me just pass you on to someone else.

Here is an excellent article written nearly two years ago by Mary Starrett, a former Constitution Party Communications Director.  I hope she won't mind my reposting it here.  You can see the original at the Constitution Party website

The Definition of Insanity
Mary Starrett repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. We must be certifiable because that’s what we did in 2000, again in 2004 and once more in 2008.

Americans held their noses and voted for two candidates who were identical on issues like gun control, allowing illegal immigration, shutting down free speech, taking tax payer money to hand out to “banksters” and ignoring the Constitution on virtually every issue.

Americans who consider themselves “conservative” by and large voted for Republican senator John McCain even though he lined up with his Democratic opponent Obama on those issues and more. Many, when asked why they didn’t cast their vote for Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin said they didn’t want to “waste” their vote.

So they voted for a man who offered what they didn’t want, so they wouldn’t get a man who offered what they didn’t want..


That kind of reasoning is illustrated by looking back to what happened several years ago. Republicans controlled both the executive and legislative branches of government for most of Bush’s last four years. That was the first time the Grand Old Party’s been in charge to that degree for almost 50 years. You’d think that would be a slam-dunk for our side. No such luck. In the last few years of a supposedly “conservative” administration, we watched as First Amendment, Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment guarantees were slowly eroded.

We wanted to make sure the carnage of abortion stopped - so we voted for a Republican. The killing continued.

We longed for a president who’d stand up for our God-given Second Amendment rights. Instead we got a president who systematically made keeping and bearing arms more difficult.

We voted for a Republican because we wanted a reigning-in of federal spending. We got the most bloated federal budget in the history of the Republic, that is, until President Obama took over.

No longer the party of fiscal discipline, the R’s become de facto pig farmers with all the pork projects they allowed in the past and currently when they approved of Obama’s “stimulus” plan.

We voted for and elected a Republican twice because we wanted better schools for our children. Instead we got the most intrusive federal program to date in a scheme called "No Child Left (Alone) Behind"- President Bush’s embarrassing legacy.

Yes, the GOP had a wonderful opportunity to get us back on track. They blew it. President Bush left us with a patently un-Constitutional Medicare prescription entitlement debacle .That was one program even the Democrats would have had a hard time pushing. To make matters worse, you paid, with your hard-earned tax dollars, over $12.5 million for 30 second TV commercials "explaining" the "benefit" to older Americans. 

This was nothing but a shameless election year ploy to get you to think the president, in all his altruism had you covered on the medicine front. By the by, just WHERE in the Constitution does it say the federal government has the authority to take your money and then redistribute it to pay for drugs that oftentimes make people sicker than they were before they started taking them?

During the last Democratic administration when Clinton was in office and the government was divided, we saw less damage done to the country in terms of liberties lost. Hard to believe we can say that of the Clinton administration.

7 years ago, Bush spoke of "bringing democracy and freedom" to the people of Iraq. I found that odd. When Bush had the opportunity to promote "democracy and freedom" for the free Chinese in Taiwan he sided with the brutal regime in Beijing and told the Taiwanese to stand down in their efforts at free elections. The regime he defended at the expense of the tiny island was the same one that threatened to lob missiles at Los Angeles a few years back and the same one that first held a US military jet hostage then dismantled it looking for spy secrets.

The moral imperative says we should not cast a vote for a candidate who does not represent our beliefs. We will not see a change in the status quo as long as Americans continue to believe they’re "wasting" their votes by voting for someone who represents them.

Many "wasted’ their vote the last time, when they voted for Bush and then McCain. Remember, if we continue to repeat the same behavior expecting different results, then we are truly insane.

And the lesser of two evils is still…evil.

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