For it is by grace you have been saved...

Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Fasting Hymn

I've read about so many pastors of a few generations ago, who would regularly write hymns for their church services.  Especially if they couldn't find one that "fit" with a particular service.


Preaching through Matthew I come to a mention of "fasting."  So, I'm preaching on fasting.  There aren't many hymns about fasting, at least that I could find.  So, I wrote one.  This is what we sang this morning.

We come with empty hands, O Lord
To lift Your Name in praise
We take our eyes off of the world
Upon Your face to gaze.

We set aside the things of life
To seek Your will and way
We need Your grace, Your guiding light
Oh help us, Lord, we pray

Our daily bread comes by Your grace
For that we praise You, Lord
Yet gladly we forego that taste
To feast upon Your Word

In Christ we have all that we need
In Him we rest secure
Upon His truth we now will feed
And our reward is sure

To You, O Lord, we give our fast
Your presence now our aim
We ask for blessings that will last
To glorify Your Name.