For it is by grace you have been saved...

Sunday, April 4, 2021

An Easter Hymn

 Been a while since I posted a hymn, I think.  I've always been fascinated by those preachers of bygone days who would write their own hymns for the worship in their churches.  I don't do it a lot, and most of them I use borrowed tunes from older hymns.  But there are a couple that we actually sing on occasion at our church. 

I was up at 2am a few nights ago (a currently recurring occurrence), and had a few lines run through my head.  So, since I was awake anyway, I put together a few more lines and turned it into an Easter hymn.  We sang this in our Sunday morning service today, though I rarely make it known that it's something I wrote (until, of course, I then post it online for the world to see). 

Not the best offering, but it's from a heart of gratitude and worship. 

Resurrection Morn

My life was in such sorrow
No hope was given at all
No promise of tomorrow
Till I heard the Gospel call

The clouds of sin have parted
The shroud of death has been torn
New life in Christ has started
On this Resurrection morn.

Sin’s debt had built such a sum
The price I never could pay
Christ died to pay my ransom
And rose again the third day


Sometimes I still feel the weight
My sin seems to drag me down
But in Christ my fears abate
For He promised me a crown


If you know you’ve lost your way
And feel there’s no hope at all
Just look to our Christ today
And answer His Gospel call