For it is by grace you have been saved...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Remember the Sabbath

One of the issues our family has struggled with over the years is the idea of "keeping the Sabbath." What exactly does it mean? Is it still necessary for New Testament believers? How much emphasis should it get? How much should we encourage others to do likewise? And so on.

Recently, I read a fairly short, to the point and helpful article on this over at the site. It was written by Rick Phillips, senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, S.C., . I would encourage you to read this post on Advice for Sabbath-keeping.

I know this will not answer any and all questions. I know I still have some examination to do on the issue myself, but I find myself leaning more and more toward agreement with Phillips and others in this camp. You may disagree, but I hope you'll at least take time to read the article, read the Scriptures he cites and prayerfully considering remembering the Sabbath more faithfully.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Conference Update

Although I missed the Grace Camp Meeting at Rockport Baptist Church this past weekend, I was delighted to discover that ALL 14 messages are available online to download. You can read Pastor Scott's blog entry on the conference itself, and you can go to to download any or all the conference messages. I haven't listened to all of them yet, but I'm sure you'll be blessed by each of these men of God as they break the Bread of Life. Ah, ain't technology great!

Monday, April 14, 2008

That's My Boy!

Sorry, but it's proud daddy time again. Deacon Jim took me and Nathanael out turkey hunting for the very first time this weekend for youth season. And on his first try, first day, first shot, Nathanael got himself a big ol' tom. Go to our family site for more details.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Liberal Agenda

As so often happens, I have no original thoughts here. But there are several posts I've read elsewhere lately that remind us of what the liberal agenda is all about and how at odds it is with both the facts and common sense morality:

Regarding Life:
Rod Albert's Press On blog about Obama comments

Regarding Morality:
Story on Planned Parenthood's "advice" to teens

Regarding "Climate Change:"
From Andy Barnett's Culture War blog about the facts vs. fiction

Regarding more of Obama's questionable background:
Mentored by a communist?

For those who just want to know more about a Christian View of voting, etc. :
Listen to this from Scott Brown's blog

The point of all this is simple: The liberal folks have a definite agenda for this nation, and it has nothing to do with taxes or the war in Iraq. It has everything to do with a secular humanistic worldview that will take us further and further from our Christian national roots. Christians need to stand up and take notice of these things and not stick our heads in the sand or be swayed by the slick PR campaign being waged.

Obama does have one thing right. It is about "hope." But he has none to offer. Our only hope is to turn to Christ and away from this continued moral slide we're in. May God have mercy on us.