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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Absolute Must Read!

It’s so discouraging to walk into the local Christian book store and see shelves upon shelves of pseudo-Christian self-help and pop psychology mumbo jumbo. So much of what passes for “Christian” writing these days is based more on a secular humanism and pragmatism than on Scripture. Which is why it’s so exciting to find someone out there who gets it dead on. Voddie Baucham is one of those.

I first heard Voddie by way of a DVD of a message he gave at an Evangelism Conference in Texas. It was so amazing that I immediately ordered a copy for myself and for the first time in my life, I showed a video sermon during a Sunday Morning Worship Service. Much of what he said during that message is fleshed out more fully in this new book: Family Driven Faith.

Every Christian parent in America ought to read this book. Every church ought to have a copy in their church library and encourage it to be read by parents and staff. We have gotten so far off the Biblical path when it comes to seeing parents as the primary disciplers of their children, and the statistics reveal the utter failure that has resulted. We are loosing over two thirds of our young people by the time they finish their first year of college. The current approach to youth and children’s evangelism and discipleship is not working. This book is a much needed wake up call to the church.

I admit I’m a bit biased. This happens to be the area I’m working on for my doctoral dissertation. And I admit that part of me was a bit frustrated that Voddie came out with this when he did, saying so much of what I wanted to say. But let’s be real. Not too many folks will ever read my dissertation (shoot, the prof’s will only read it because they have to!). And this message is desperately needed.

I know my little blog has a limited (very limited) (very, very limited) reach. But please. Everyone who reads this, buy this book. Read it and then read it again. Give it to other parents. Give it to your pastor and youth leaders. If we truly want to reach the next generation for Christ, we must return to the Biblical pattern of fathers and mothers who teach their children daily in the home. The lives and futures of our children are depending on it.


Anonymous said...

Great article. It seems to be growing more and more evident that children are getting completely out of control. No self control, because they have no control - no discipline at home.
Parents need to wake up and stop being "friends" with their children and be their parents.
I appreciate you placing The Watchman's Trumpet as a link in your sidebar.

Scott said...

Voddie's biggest point is that it's the CHURCH that needs to wake up and realize that we are often doing more harm by separating families in Bible Study and Worship. Parents are to be the primary discipling agents of their children, not the church; just as I agree with him that parents are the primary educational agents, not the state (though homeschooling is a minor subpoint in the book). I hope folks read this book.

As for the website, I noticed you had a couple, Tim, and I wasn't sure which one to link to. Hope this one was ok with you; I've enjoyed reading it.