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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Making Sermons Fun

Thanks to the Irish Calvinist, a blog a check fairly regularly, I heard about this site called Of course, some of you may already know all about it, but it was new to me and I found it very interesting. It takes whatever text you enter in and creates a "word cloud" based on the most often used words in the text, etc.
So for fun, I copied and pasted the text of my most recent sermon from our study in Genesis, and this is what came out.

Pretty fun. So I put a couple more recent sermons in and got this.

OK, so I'm wasting way too much time. But I thought it was fun (who thought sermons could be fun?), and the end result is almost worth framing, especially since God seems to have such a central place in it all (I was relieved to find that my sermons talk a lot about HIM!).


drhambrick said...

Speaking of fun, you should check this out:

Frances Clements said...

I like this a lot. I will have to try it. (Though I will have to make do with articles since I don't have any sermons. :)