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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Was I Wrong About Palin?

OK. This is always hard for me. I'm a bit fixated on being right all the time. But I have to admit that maybe I was wrong in my last post in which I spoke so glowingly of Alaska Governor and GOP VP Nominee Sarah Palin.

This has nothing to, per se, with the recent political attacks from the left. Nothing they have said will change my mind. However, in rush to embrace anyone in this election who shows even the remotest interest in moral values, etc. I was quick to overlook some very key issues.

Leave it to a prophetic voice like that of Voddie Baucham to point this out. Instead of simply repeating his arguments and so on, I'll simply encourage you to read these articles (just click on the titles):

The Evangelical Two-Step

Many will see these as "radical" articles, and they are. But Voddie has reminded me that we are meant to be radicals in this world. The Gospel is radical. The Christian Life is radical. Maintaining a prophetic voice is radical.

As much as I hate to admit it, I find myslef among the "sheeple" Voddie speaks of. I was so quick to find anything hopeful that I was willing to dump some of the very things I've been trying to preach to our own church for the last few years: namely, the importance of the family in the raising/discipling of the next generation, the supreme value of both motherhood and fatherhood, and the need to resist assimliation of culture and maintain biblical values. I repent in dust and ashes.

So where does that leave me on the political front. I'm not sure. I need to do some more praying on it. Maybe I'll go back to my original plan to write in Mike Huckabee. I don't know. But whatever happens, I'm grateful for Voddie Baucham's unwaivering commitment to the biblical family and his intelligent response to all of this. Again, I encourage you to read these articles and give them prayerful consideration.


Ray said...

It speaks volumes that you were open to truth that challenged your already-made-up mind, brother!

Have you considered Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party?

It's not likely he will win, but do we vote pragmatically, or on principle?

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I've taken the time to research Mr. Baldwin. I'll do that in the coming days.

I agree on the pragmatic/principle deal. What I struggle with is the idea of voting for McCain (pragmatic) because it's better than Obama; and voting on principle (Huckabee, Baldwin, etc.) even if it means living with Obama. I don't know. I'm honestly struggling with the decision right now. Pray for me.

Frances Clements said...

I have been thinking much the same things. I like Gov. Palin, but it is bothering me more and more that she has a baby. I had tried to make myself feel better by saying, "Well, maybe Mr. Palin will take care of Trig and he won't be ditched with a nanny." But really a little baby needs a mother. He needs breastmilk. He needs her. And Voddie has gotten me thinking a lot about this whole switching of the curses (Adam and Eve's).

Frances Clements said...

Voddie's articles were very good. I am so glad that you posted about them.

Anonymous said...

This is a personal matter for the Palin family. It's not our place to judge them.

Anonymous said...

And please tell me no one is actually basing their vote on whether or not Trig Palin gets breastmilk!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,
Certainly, Mrs. Palin's decision to run is a person matter. However, whether or not voters will or should support her decision is not. The point of this post was simply to reconsider if I am willing to throw away what I consider a biblical mandate regarding the family in the name of politics.
I am still very excited that someone, anyone in this campaign, has shown the least bit of moral fiber. I still respect the Palin's for many of their stands. However, as much as I appreciate the Governor's political opinions, I wrote this out of a conviction that I was not being true to biblical family values. Regardless of how un-PC it is, the highest calling for women is motherhood and no one should lower themselves from that high calling for a political one. That's just my opinion (along with many others).

Again, Mrs. Palin's decision to run is certainly personal. But whether we like it or not the process of making a decision about the next Pres. and VP is all about making judgments: about their values, positions, ability to lead, etc. To say we shouldn't "judge" someone in that position is simply naive. Of course we make judgments. And I have a right to "judge" her decision to be a politician vs. a mother according to biblical standards just like I can "judge" Obama for his unbiblical stand on abortion, etc.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

Jordan Hall said...

I think that if evangelicals choose to keep their vote in their pocket or waste it on an unlikely candidate (in a swing state, anyway)it is doing the Kingdom great harm. Let's remind ourselves that God has raised up women before - think Deborah for example - to lead their people. Also keep in mind our list of priorities is not - as it is often phrased, 1.God 2. Family 3. Country. Biblically, our priorities are God, Country, Family in that order. That is why men leave their families unprotected to go fight a war. That's God's system. And in this case, Palin's country is calling her, and she has to delegate parenthood to her husband, for the good of her nation. I'll put it this way - either Sarah Palin can raise her children near the White House - or Michelle Obama can. Pick one.

Anonymous said...

You are right in that I would rather see Palin, and heaven help us, McCain, in the White House than Obama. The discussion here is about whether it is truly "pro-family" to take a mother out of her home and away from her children.

And as for Deborah, let's also remember that God will do what needs to be done, but that doesn't make it normative or desireable for all places and all times. Deborah's leadership was a sign of judgment on Israel, not a pat on the back for women in politics. (Isaiah 3:12)

The Schaubing Blogk said...

And was Deborah even called by God to 'lead' Israel? Why is it that Barak, and not Deborah, is listed among the judges of Israel?